June 22, 2010

Calling All Cooks

Learning how to cook for two different palates WHILE maintaining nutritious and balanced meals AND still getting some satisfaction out of the creative outlet of cooking WHILE on a budget can be somewhat of a challenge. Only in the past year, with a new marriage and one year of grad school under my belt have I thrown myself into the kitchen to really "make dinner".

What is it about food that sets the framework for our day and the backdrop of some of our favorite memories. We plan our work around a lunch and immediately ask, "what's for dinner"? Enjoying the luxury of eating out can be a welcomed retreat at the end of the day, but so can creating your own dish to share with friends and family.

I welcome you to learn alongside me, (and teach me as well!) about the adventures of cooking with colors. In our home, grocery store trips and dinner menus are constantly being challenged by cravings for what I like to call, a "yellow" plate. "Yellow" plates are full of starches and processed foods, all wonderful in moderation, but I have challenged us to add a little color to these yellow plates. Hopefully I can entertain you with some of our happenings between breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Please feel free to add your own recipes and creative ideas on cooking under the comments section.

And side note, if I can make it, and my husband can eat it, then anything is possible in your kitchen and at your dinner table.


MaggieDesign said...

you can write...... because not much entertains me and i loved your first post!

Ruth said...

Love it Sweet Annie.

Karen said...

Oh Annie.....catchy name for a blog and something I can identify with! Looking forward to this journey towards colorful eating!! Love you loads!