June 24, 2010

Hudson is "drinking" Orange Juice!

This may not be as surprising to some, but for those of you who know Hudson, he consumes a total of three variations of fruit. These include bananas, cantaloupe, and apples in the form of Mott's cinnamon apple sauce. Well today is a new day, and Hudson is now consuming his third serving of orange juice.... in the form of a popsicle.

Yesterday when I was at the mall waiting on my phone to get fixed I wandered into Williams-Sonoma and was immediately drawn to the "Zoku Quick Pop Maker." I splurged on this little freezer appliance, wrapped it, and surprised Hudson with it when he got home (he has been wanting popsicle molds for some time now).

The fun thing about this pop maker is that you remove it from the freezer when you are ready, add the juice, cream, fruit etc. and then watch it freeze in just minutes.

So for dessert tonight we are getting our servings of fruit in the form of frozen orange juice and V8 splash :)


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