July 5, 2010

The Fourth of July

I have decided that the Fourth of July is absolutely positively one of my favorite days of the year. Our weekend was filled with time on the lake, boat rides, close family, corn hole competitions, fireworks, blackberry picking, water trampolines, dogs, babies, Yahtzee, sunshine, walks, golf, grilling, and FOOD FOOD FOOD! Every meal was an event and it was topped off with the grand finale on Sunday night. All of the young marrieds gave the matriarchs and patriarchs a rest and put their culinary skills to work! Hudson and I contributed white cheese grits (Ruthie's recipe... to come in a later post), Hudson's famous spare ribs, and a fruit salad. There isn't anything too special about a fruit salad but we filled it with the richest colors of fruits. Don't you feel cheated when you order a fruit salad and it's just melons? Hudson also expressed his artistic flare that he has gotten since moving to the Music City by carving a watermelon basket to hold the salad.

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Elizabeth said...

Andddd...I love this! Hoorah for cooking in marriage :). We are doing pretty well so far, but I am quite impressed with your dishes! Love you!