August 29, 2010

The Plague

In an effort to make this a well rounded blog, I must also share with you what has been happening outside of the kitchen at our house recently. Apparently over the past week a grey cloud of sorts, or maybe a plague has settled on our little family unit of three (yes, Bear is a part of our family).

This all began last Friday when I got back to our apartment from being out of town, to find that our pup, Bear had a case of the runs. He was holding it pretty well but was needing to go outside more frequently than usual. I decided to let this run its natural course (no pun intended) but once Tuesday came around it got worse.... much worse. Have you ever tried to clean a furry bottom, I don't recommend it. You really have to get intimate with a dog when this situation occurs. I believe between Hudson and I, Bear received about 5 baths last week. Hudson even coined a song which comprised of "this little but of my, I'm gonna make it shine" (sung to the tune, "This little light of mine") Anyways, I woke up on Tuesday to what every dog owner dreads..... you know what in the crate, on the dog, on the paws, on his face, and eventually all over me! I decided the time had come to bite the bullet (and the vet bill) and take him in. After running a couple of tests the vet informed me that Bear was having GI upset over separation anxiety. I should preface this by saying that Bear and I had been separated for about two weeks because of vacation. We got him on some flagyl and he is all firmed up now. I found it kind of sweet that the pup is so attached to me that he becomes physically ill.... so next time we are separated we are premedicating the kido with some Xanax.

That Tuesday night was my turn. After making dinner I wasn't feeling too well, a little short of breath and some chest pain. I knew from nursing school that this was not something to take lightly, so we preceded to the ER where we spent the next several hours tweaking some heart medications to fix my oh so low heart rate. All was well after that, just scary and not fun.

After such a busy week Hudson and I were looking oh so forward to a Sunday afternoon of just chillin. It goes without saying that this did not happen. The right side of Hudson's abdomen had been bothering him for about three days. This persisting pain worried me with the possibility of appendicitis so of course, we went to the ER, again. After running a cat scan it turns out that Hudson's appendix is in fine condition and just has a case of gastritis, which consequently is caused by excessive intake of alcohol, coffee, or stress. We decided by the process of elimination that this case was brought on by the excitement of the rapidly approaching football season. What I learned from this is that I need to run a less stressful household for the sake of Hudson and Bear's health.

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Elisabeth Elliott said...

I knew that this "food" blog was just a guise for a "Bear" blog...