August 5, 2010

Spinach Pasta

Serves 6


1 box of spinach enriched pasta (yes it will look green)
1 bag of baby spinach (regular spinach is cheaper)
1 cup of fat free ricotta cheese
1 cup of pine nuts (I usually don't add these, a little pricey)- toast these
2 Tablespoons of olive oil (extra virgin is the best for you)
1/4 cup parmesan
1 TBSP canola oil/vegetable oil
1 clove of garlic-minced/pressed


1. Cook the pasta according to the package
2. in a saucepan heat the canola/veggie oil over medium heat and add spinach, cover and cook until wilted.
3. Add the spinach to the cooking pasta during the pasta's last two minutes
4. Drain the pasta and spinach combo.
5. Place in a pretty bowl and add the cheeses, olive oil, nuts, garlic, and salt and pepper to taste.


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